74 Delightful Homemade Soap Recipes That Are Fun to Make

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Have you ever noticed how the most basic household items can bust your budget wide open? And they always seem to all need to be purchased at once? Well, you no longer have to worry about soap being a budget buster. Soap can easily be made at home for a fraction of the cost.

Especially, if you grow or raise certain items that go into making different types of soaps. Not to mention, homemade soap also makes great gifts too.

So without further introduction, here are the best soap recipes that are sure to help you create your own soap masterpieces and save you money too.

1. Homemade Foaming Hand Soap

We go through a ton of hand soap in my house. When you operate a small farm your hands obviously touch some interesting things.

So practicing good hygiene is very important. This recipe helps you create a great foaming hand soap. Plus, it also shares a great tutorial on making a mason jar soap dispenser.

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2. Goat’s Milk Body Wash

Body wash certainly counts as soap. It is another item we go through a lot in our home. I love body wash because it doesn’t leave soap scum on your shower walls.

But I also love this recipe because it is all natural, and you know what you are rubbing over your body’s largest organ. So if you need a creamy body wash that you can make at home, then consider this recipe.

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3. Megan’s Liquid Gel Dishwasher Detergent

Dishwasher packets and liquid is becoming more and more expensive. However, I love my dishwasher as it saves me a lot of time.

So if you find yourself in this same boat, then give this recipe a try. Hopefully it will do a satisfactory job in your opinion and save you a little cash in the process.

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4. Oatmeal Soap

I almost always have oatmeal on hand. The fact that I can take this pantry staple and turn it into a great homemade soap makes me love this recipe all the more.

So if you have lots of oatmeal on hand, or even if you are looking for an inexpensive soap ingredient then you’ll probably want to try your hand at this oatmeal soap.

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5. No-Lye Liquid Castile Soap

Castile soap is a great soap to have around. It can be used on hair or skin. Plus, if you have sensitive skin it might be a good alternative because there are so few ingredients.

Actually, I use castile soap to make DIY dog shampoo. So if any of this sounds appealing to you, then you’ll probably want to give this recipe a try.

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6. 10 Minute DIY Milk and Honey Soap

This soap is one that I love everything about. I love that I raise most of the ingredients right here on my own land.

Also, I love the design of this soap as well. Not to mention, it takes so little time to make. So if you need a nice soap that won’t take a long time to make then give this recipe a try.

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7. Homemade Dish Soap

The price on dish soap has climbed in recent years. Plus, I’m not sure what is in store bought dish soap. That concerns me as it is rubbing all over my hands on a regular basis.

So if you share some of the same concerns, then you might want to consider this basic dish soap recipe. The great thing is you can make some of the ingredients she recommends to purchase. I’ve actually already listed recipes in this post.

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8. Lye Free Soap

A lot of people don’t fool with making soap because of the lye step. Dealing with lye can be very scary if you don’t use extreme precautions.

However, this soap takes that fear out of the equation. You have to purchase previously made soap in order to safely include lye. But the danger of handling lye has been eliminated for you in this recipe.

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9. Homemade Liquid Hand/Body Soap

I am so thrilled with this recipe. It requires only a few dollars in materials, and you can make gallons of soap.

So if you have an old milk jug, a bar of soap, a few dollars to purchase a bottle of glycerin, and some water then you are ready to make your own liquid hand or body soap.

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10. Mother’s Day Soap

Are you looking for a great gift for mom, whether it be Christmas, birthday, or Mother’s Day? Well, if so, then take a glance at this soap making recipe.

You can make it with a variety of designs and make it your own with different scents if you wish. It is a great, inexpensive personalized gift.

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11. Shampoo Bar

I am more of a liquid shampoo type of girl. However, my husband and boys prefer a solid shampoo bar. So if this is your preference, then you might want to check out this recipe so you can make your own.

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12. 1-Step Homemade Shaving Cream

Shaving cream counts as a type of soap, right? It is used in your morning routine so we are going to count it for this post.

So if you need an easy, inexpensive shaving cream that can double as a great moisturizer, then you’ll want to check out this recipe.

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13. Cream Soap

This stuff just looks delicious. It reminds me of homemade whipped cream. If you can only imagine how great soap of that texture would feel on your skin.

Well, if that sounds absolutely wonderful to you, then you’ll want to try this soap. It is only 4 basic ingredients and will hopefully make your new favorite soap.

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14. Homemade Body Wash

Homemade body wash just appears so creamy and almost entices you to hurry and take a shower. Your skin just desires that creamy moisture to soothe any roughness or dryness.

Well, this homemade body wash is no different. There is any easy to follow recipe and tutorial to help you along with making this soap.

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15. Crockpot Lotion Bars

Lotion bars go hand in hand with homemade soap as they help add moisture to your skin after showering.

So if you’d like to have your own lotion bars (especially those that can be easily made in the crockpot) then you need to check out this recipe.

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16. Homemade Goats Milk Soap

I love goat’s milk. I raise goats and besides the fact that they are adorable and entertaining, I love their milk.

So when I discovered I could make soap with their goats’ milk, it absolutely tickled me. If you love goat’s milk soap, then you’ll want to give this recipe a quick glance.

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17. Homemade Lotion

This post is all about skin care, frugality, and making what we need. Lotion is no exception to any of these rules.

So after you finish using your homemade body soap, you’ll probably need some lotion to continue to care for your skin. Don’t buy it if you can make it. Thanks to this recipe, you can make your own lotion with only 3 ingredients.

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18. Homemade Lotion Bars

These are traditional lotion bars that require only a few simple ingredients to make. They make great gifts as well as items to use for yourself daily.

So whether you are looking to be more self-reliant or just frugal, you’ll want to give this lotion recipe a glance.

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19. Homemade Milk Bath

Do you like taking relaxing baths? Well, if so, then you’ll want to consider making this milk bath for yourself.

So this milk bath is great for treating dry skin, irritated skin, or even just to add for a little extra relaxation.

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20. Neapolitan Soap Pops

This soap pops look delicious. They would make great gifts that would be cute while functional too.

Also, they would be great to make for your own home décor. Just be sure to warn your guest not to eat the soap.

Make this soap.

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