How to Clean Your Wood Stove and the Chimney Properly in 11 Steps

Decor 21

It was a cold spring night when a lot of noise made its way to our home.

There was the clanging of metal and the sound of drills busy at work. Finally, you could hear a lot of grunting from what sounded like a bear in agony. There was no wildlife in our home, it was my husband installing our large wood burning stove.

His ‘grunt’ came from moving the heavy stove.

But finally, everything was in its right place, safely installed, and we lit our first fire. We have burned wood in our stove every winter since then.

Today we’re going to talk about cleaning your wood stove. It’s important to know how to clean your wood stove the right way, and you should do it regularly for safety and effectiveness.

Here is how you can maintain a clean wood burning stove:

1. It Should Be Cold to the Touch

Photo by IJ Marshman


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